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Books That Have Blown My Mind!

Here are a few books that really have blown my mind and I hope that some of you will agree with me and maybe try some out that you haven't before and find some new things to read :D

• Lolita -

This book speaks to me about something that I went through when I was around the protagonists age, and something very similar to what actually happened in the story.

It has a complicated writing style but it is worth the read for sure, more for older readers, around the 17+ Mark.

• The Enemy Series -

This is a British series by Charlie Higson, it is slightly childish but one of my indulgences, after all I'm allowed a bit of light reading after all these philosophy texts I have to read. It's a book about basically a Zombie epidemic that hits all the people over 14 leaving the children to fend for themselves from 'The Grown Ups'.

• 1984 -

A wonderful book that really does give an excellent idea about what life might be like in the future, so maybe not 1984 but 2084? :P

It's quite challenging but the plot draws you in and you can't help but identify with the main character and the theme of love as well as that of surveillance makes the book even more compelling to read.

• The Time Traveller's Wife

'How does it feel to be the one that always leaves?'
'Now you're going and I'm not going to see you for years!'

Some of the most hurtful words that I've ever read in a book, I've not yet finished it but I know I'll be in tears with it because I apply it to my relationship in real life simply because Henry is so like my boyfriend and we have that distance separating us so he always has to leave me...anyway I'm rambling :)

Read these books!!