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Special Occasion Texts


This is just a little pet peeve of mine that I'm really not sure why it happens, maybe I'm a Scrooge or a misery but I really just don't understand why this happens.

Christmas, New Year, Easter...even Birthdays!

You get these texts on your phone from people you don't even know and in my case don't even remember and you then feel obliged to send them one back. Why does this happen? I know for a fact that most of my contacts I don't speak to, so, why on this day would they text me? Why?!

I know they have no intention when I get back to college, or work, to ever begin speaking to me, so is it just a routine thing? 'Oh I've got to wish the masses of redundant people on my contacts 'INSERT HOLIDAY HERE''

Just...makes me wonder why anyone really bothers texting people they don't like, holiday spirit I guess...